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Let me start by asking you a question. Has there ever been a time when you wondered if there was more to life that what you're currently experiencing? Something that could inspire you and that you could be passionate about? 

That is exactly where I was at back in 1996. I felt like something was missing. There just had to be more to life!

Oh, everything seemed great from the outside looking in. I had a nice car, my husband and I owned a 307 acre farm with all of the beauty nature could provide. There was a river where I could watch gorgeous sunsets reflecting in the water. There were lots of trees, grassy rolling hills,

and good fresh air. We owned horses, cattle and many of the good things in life. But still, something felt like it was missing. I was totally unhappy and unfulfilled. It seemed like I never had enough time to enjoy the things that were truly important. I had a beautiful place to live, but I also had a full time job working as an information records specialist and office manager for an EPA Superfund Cleanup at an old military weapons site. I drove an hour to work, and an hour back home. By the time I got home, took care of the family, made dinner, cleaned the house, did some laundry, took care of pets and animals, I just didn't have the time or energy to enjoy the beauty that was all around me.  There just had to be a better way. This was NOT what life was all about! It just couldn't be!

In 1997, I gave birth to my son who was 2 months premature. He had to stay in the hospital for a while, and it broke my heart to leave him there. The Children's Hospital was an hour and a half drive from where we lived, but I never missed a day of visiting him. When I finally got to bring him home, the entire world seemed right, except for one thing. I had already had to spend so much time away from him when he had to stay at the hospital, and I didn't know how was I going to tear myself away from him after my maternity leave was over and I had to go back to work. He was still so tiny. He only weighed in at 5 pounds when he came home from the hospital. I was so in love!

My husband and I talked it over, and even though we had a very big farm, with a very big mortgage to match, we decided that I would stay home with our son while he was little and teach him our values. Losing my paycheck put a pretty big strain on our finances though. I began to wonder what I could do to work from home.

This was at a time when the internet was relatively new, and eBay and Amazon were still just babies. I began to think about what I could do that was something that I loved? What could I sell on eBay that I was passionate about? Then it came to me! I loved going to flea markets, yard sales and auctions and searching for antique treasures. I decided that I would sell small antique items on eBay. This was my first experience with internet marketing and learning how to create a persona for myself online. This was also when some of the information technology sales people were just getting started. As I created my auctions, I started looking at the wording in some of the information and ebook items on the internet. I also looked at how other successful eBay sellers were wording their auction listings, then, I modeled what they were doing by rewording their sales copy and making it uniquely mine. I did a ton of research on antiques too. If I was going to do this, then I wanted to know what I was talking about, and become one of the experts. I found out so much that I didn't know, like the fact that all colored glassware that is antique was made by manufactures in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There was a lot of antique glassware in my area that wasn't available in other parts of the country, but yet there was a big demand for it! Guess what, after about a year selling these types of items on eBay, I became an eBay Power Seller! I lost a lot of sleep working on listings, packing and shipping, and spent a lot of time finding the treasures, but I became the expert I had set out to be, and it felt really good to be working for myself, and at the same time be able to stay home with my son!

About a year later, as I was diligently listing my auctions, I was introduced to network marketing. Things have never been the same in my life since! I began to realize that there was a way to not not only make income through each product sale that I made, but to make residual income that could last for a lifetime. And, I didn't have to carry a large inventory, and keep searching for new items to sell. I could do the work once, find others like me who were searching for more out of life, and create far more income than I could as an eBay Power Seller! Since then, I have focused on increasing my skill level in communication, marketing, copy writing, web and graphic design etc. I became a student of the network marketing industry, and learned the skill set that I needed to succeed. I have even learned to agree to disagree with some of the old-school network marketers (you know...Amway days) who insisted that things be done their way, and totally rebuked me for doing network marketing on the internet, which they said couldn't be done. Needless to say, they weren't UNHAPPY when my income went up dramatically, which also affected their income. 


I have been a visionary and a leader in the network marketing and direct sales industry for 20+ years. I have been in the in the valley and on top of the mountain. I am currently a leader, speaker, coach and trainer with a major health and wellness company. I am also a practicing wellness and life coach. 

You can check out my blog for some great information and tips for home business entrepreneurs, There is also a lot of other training available. Check me out on Facebook too. However, if you are someone who is sincerely looking for a better way of life, you aren't too comfortable in your current situation, and are open to change and new opportunities, contact me...let's talk!



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