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SlimRoast Optimum
Day 3: I stepped on the scale three times because I didn’t believe it! Now I’m crying happy tears! - Jaynie G.
Ist day on the optimum and I lost 3.4 lbs! Today I weighed myself and Iost another 2.6 lbs. Total of 6 lbs in two days!! -Erica G.
2 weeks on the Optimum I’m down 5 lbs & 9 inches from 5 measure points just below boobs to the butt. 14 inches from 10 measure points over whole body went through a spell this past year where I was rapidly gaining & expanding despite any & all efforts. Menopause was winning 😩 
but not anymore!!! - Karen E.
I'm also down 5 in two weeks - didn't measure but my clothes are fitting better so thinking lost some inches also - I was skeptical I'll be honest especially when I didn't lose as much as quick as others - for me though it's perfect!! I'm loving it!! - Sue B.
Wow! I’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks with SlimRoast Optimum! I’m not on a diet, and I didn’t change a thing...except drinking this coffee and drinking enough water to help flush my system...Woo Hoo! I’m shouting this out from the rooftops! - Donna M.
This Optimum Slimroast is “the bomb”😍 Im down 15 pounds in 3 weeks💃🏻😎 - Karla S.
What a difference Valentus makes! 25 pounds 👇 in 5 months and 7.5 on the new Optimum coffee in the last 15 days! So excited!! - Joyce H.
I’m so extremely excited for what this game changer product Optimum Coffee has done for me! I’ve never seen anything like this being in the health and fitness industry and I don’t even like coffee! Down 7 lbs in 6 days and a total of 9 in 4 weeks! Crazy appetite control and mental clarity! I love this so much and the many stories we are hearing from people making the shift to this amazing product! - Paula D. C.
I lost 7 lbs, its just the last 4 days!! The proof is in the tape!! - Audria N.
This brought me to tears this morning! This is from a friend who has been using another company’s nutrition products. She says, Paula! I can’t believe how much better I feel from that coffee and that I lost a pound without really trying :0 I have started to tell people about it. My energy level is so much better that I can cook dinner and clean up afterwards!!!! And, I am making a level area in my yard with sand and soil for a small above ground pool and I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED INCREASED PAIN...OR...FATIGUE!!! I am shocked!!!! I gave a week’s worth of scoops to my <other company> sponsor. PAULA! I woke up feeling WELL ! And it lasted more than a moment; I have had a couple brief moments of waking up feeling well in the last several decades, but it didn’t last even an hour. It’s 10:30 and I still feel well! Honestly, I am in SHOCK! - Paula C.
I have awakened tired and had no energy for almost 20 years and now I sleep through the night thanks to my Immune Boost and Max Spray right before bed. Now I wake up rested with energy to start my day. I drink my cup of coffee and have energy all day. These are the best weight loss, energy boosting, detoxing products on the market. You have no idea how your life will change! I was so skeptical about these products but they have truly given me my health back. - Katrina Y.
I am so excite I am down 4.2 kg (9.2 pound) in 7 days love it !! - Sheron M.
I'm so impressed, the product mixes so well, taste so GOOD and I'm down 7lbs in 3 days WHOOP - Annette V.
I’m loving the Optimum Coffee , day 9 I’m down 7.8 lbs finally over my plateau 🎉 BUT I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this , I love my glass of wine (or two) in the evening.
First five days drinking Optimum I still enjoyed my wine and lost the weight which is great .
BUT I JUST REALISED I Haven’t HAD A GLASS OF WINE IN FOUR DAYS !!! I REALLY FORGOT ALL ABOUT IT 💥💥 🎉. To me that is mind blowing , talk about crushing cravings, no more bad, empty calories wrecking my day 😁 - April G.
When I quit drinking 20 years ago that was the first time I realized I love Donuts and replace my sugar intake with junk food but now with this product I have no cravings that in itself is a miracle :-) - Janice J.
4 days & I'm down 7.2 lbs. My Energy is back, mind clarity, BP lowering and I'm Blessed to Have Valentus in my Life! - Diana H.
My #OPTIMUM experience Upated so far:
5 lbs gone in 2 Weeks. I did eat some sugar (NOT because I crave it) but it's my birthday month and it's been I also have some residue tummy issues that are not resolved and giving me some of the results others are having...Every BODY is different...but I'm VERY happy with this far! There are also obvious melted fat pockets visible on several areas of my body...not just my tummy. I also drink mine with Almond Milk & Cinnamon. Week one only 1 Cup of Coffee a Day no other products. Week 2 - 2 Cups a day for 6 days on 7th 1 Cup and an Immune. No other products. I can see Week two, those 2 cups were doing some major shaking up in my went through several looks in that Stay Tuned :D - Beka J.
I'm down 5 lbs in just a week!!!! I haven't done measurements and I should have been but my clothes are getting baggie lol!!! Yippee!!! - Charlotte M.

Got this message from a friend.

“I don’t keep track of weight in numbers but I do feel lighter if that makes sense. Back in 2010 I was an avid road “bicycler”. Last week I took my very expensive road bike it hasn’t been ridden in eight years into the shop for a tuneup. Today was the first time I rode in eight years” - Amy G.

If you are on the fence and question whether these Valentus products work or not, how is this for results?? I am down 20.6 pounds in 24 days!!!!!! This is THE REAL DEAL for weightloss!!!! GET ON THESE PRODUCTS!!!! - Steve G.

Ladies & gents I lost 5 lbs in 6 days and counting!👀 - Lisa S.

We all have choices to make in life!! Many of them revolve around your health!!
You can pay to be healthy, or you can pay to be sick!!!
I choose to pay to be healthy!!!
I would rather spend a little money on good quality, result producing products like VALENTUS !!! They not only help you lose weight, but also help improve your overall health!! There are thousands of testimonies to verify this fact. 
It sure beats spending your money on doctors and prescriptions that harm your body and leaves side affects.
I suggest you try VALENTUS!!!! - Steve G.

I'm on day 4 and have lost 3.5 pounds. 1cup a day. Starting 2 cups tomorrow. Feeling great and energized! - Michele C.

I’ve been on the coffee since Wednesday [today is Friday] and my cravings are gone. I’ve been carrying around some chocolate with me for when I use to have my afternoon cravings and happy to report that it’s still in my lunch bag uneaten 🙂 by the way, I’m a chocoholic. I’m a believer now!!!! 🙂 - Joy S.

I just got back from vacation. I ate what I wanted and what I was served. Hotdogs WITH the bun, potato chips, movie theater popcorn, ice cream with toppings, and Krispie Cream donuts! AND drank my coffee. I was really dreading the scale today. No need to fear.... 4 days, and I’m down 2 more pounds for a grand total of 9 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks! 
Even if you are not a coffee drinker this Coffee will make you a SlimRoast Optimum lover! ❤️ ☕️ ❤️ - Paula C.
This coffee has been such a game changer for me, and I’ve only been doing it for a week! I have had such great results already, which makes me so excited for the future! I have lost 7 lbs in 7 days and that’s not even the best part! The best part is that I haven’t had any cravings at all (except I only ever want watermelon now😂). This whole week I have enjoyed eating healthy, because I’m not holding myself back from cravings! This new coffee doesn’t make me hungry either; even though I’ve been doing weights, running, and volleyball practice. These pictures are a six day difference. The best results have came from my back, face, and legs! This coffee really does work! 🙂😁 - Alexa S.
My mom is 82 years old and Sceptical oh my lord . She is overweight due to meds , fractured pelvis this winter, COPD, insulin regulated , on synthroid for thyroid .. and of course rheumatoid arthritis . Basically I was not very nice last week .. she was ticked at me oh well. (Health is important ) I guess she listened .
Long story short. :::::: she started Tues it’s 3 days ( Today) On 1 scoop of Optimum MAGIC🔮☕️
💥💥💥Down 5#.  ☄️☄️She didn’t measure of course. But her daughter —- me will be doing it. 😆😆She said first night couldn’t sleep , And coffee was bitter to her 1st day. Now she likes it :: Appetite decreased , cravings are gone as she is a snacker in eve .. her voice sounds even more cheerful .. IF I can give her Hope thats the best gift a daughter can do for her mom .
I will keep you all posted. If I can keep my stubborn mom on this daily . So far sounds great .. - Reale M.
Just getting started, and can't wait to share! Oh wait... Let's share mine: (and I never share embarrassing info about myself, trust me)
Day 1 207.8 lbs.
Day 2 206.1
Day 3 204.8
Day 4 TBD!
Don't do like I did and wait to order at least your 30 day supply. I am going into my weekend with NO COFFEE and I am panicked! I LOVE how I have been feeling and am sad I have to go a few days without! - Lisa H.
Day 1: 
Within less than an hour, I had no appetite! I’m thinking clearly and I’m getting stuff done! I have this amazing clean energy and haven’t felt this refreshed in a long time! I took my daughter to Starbucks and didn’t even want any sweets! That just doesn’t happen to me! In fact, I went to the store and bought a salad for dinner! What?? I hate salad! Not today! Thank you...! I’m so excited for Day 2!! ❤️ - Jaynie G.
I drank my 2 days worth of Optimum samples, then had to leave town for 2 days before my cannister came in.....still felt great as though it was still in my system working...bagging clothes and residual sustained home to my delivered product- stepped it up to 2 a day...began to detox with skin rash (candida no doubt)- down 4.6 lbs!! (7 days total- lost 2 inches) Mental focus and sense of wellbeing, doing 12 hour days running 3 businesses- (a coaching practice, energy healing, & helping build a new networking company)- incredible!! I am all in for this powerful impact product and company! - Erin G.
I have lost 5 pounds since Sunday [today is Thursday] by drinking SlimRoast Optimum Coffee and I have not changed anything else. Impressed!!! - Vic S.
WOW THIS IS AMAZING. I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked. I expected to see some weight loss and hoped to see a few pounds shed but what I saw is truly inspiring. I AM DOWN 15 POUNDS IN 1 WEEK ON THE NEW COFFEE. YES I SAID 15 POUNDS! The possibilities are endless and I am so excited. - Tara F.
Everyday...I lose one more pound! Down 6#'s in 6 days! - Janis S.
I started Friday June 1st [today is June 5] and I can't believe the results. I am doing 1 cup a day of the slim roast optimum alone with the breakthrough. I was 189.9 on 6/1/18 I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 181! - Timra M.
Day 4
.see the difference cravings..sleep and focus amazing!!! - Irene S.
Hello Friends! I've been holding off posting because this coffee seems too good to be true and I keep waiting for the shoe to drop. But with that being said something wonderful happened to me yesterday and I have to share with my coffee family. I am a 60 year old woman that has struggled with my weight all my life. I started the Valentus coffee last year after going for my yearly check up and weighing in at 322 pounds. Do you know how close that is to 350?😱 I lost 15lbs. with the coffee but then nothing. Then I heard about the new coffee. First week, which involved a weekend of family and birthday party, I lost 9.2 lbs. and a total of 6 inches. Now for the something wonderful. Yesterday I had lab work done. My doctors office is on the 5th floor and I rode the elevator up. After finishing I started toward the elevator and I saw the door to the stairs. Yep, I took the stairs. Four flights of stairs! I felt like Rocky! I can't wait to see what all I will be doing after a month of this coffee. I think I see ziplining in my future.😎 - Anita S.
As of this morning ONE MONTH since I started Beta Testing this AMAZING NEW WEIGHT MANAGEMENT COFFEE☕☕ I am DOWN 10.75 inches and 6LBS Others have lost more but I am a VERY CLEAN EATER plus work out at the gym 3X a week!!! Feel AMAZING!!! SOOO much ENERGY, mental clarity and NO APPETITE or CRAVINGS!! - Gale T.
This coffee is amazing!!!! I started on Sunday [today is Wednesday] and after only 4 cups I’m down a 1/2 an inch in my neck, 2 inches on my waist and 3/4 of an inch on my hips!!!! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month will bring!!!!!! - Trisha L.
I have to say I absolutely love this coffee the optimum has brought me back to life and back to weight loss. Today I checked in and I am done 8 lbs had my first cup Thursday morning. If I keep this up I will be in a Bikini before July. My final goal weight is near approaching 29 pounds to go. Let’s do this feeling amazing. Sounds weird but to us long time user I love the cottonmouth. Brings me back to the original were I had my best weight loss but this one is beating it so far. Love love love thank you valentus! - Carrie L. 
Well today is only day 2 of using the new Slim Roast Optimum and I am down 3.6 lbs. woo hoo. Can't believe how much it reduces cravings and hunger. Drinking lots of water too. Here is a split pic of me from 2 years ago when I started with Valentus then today after getting my hair cut. I feel great - Candice M.
9 days, 9 pounds and 4 inches .... optimum is amazing !!!!! - Kristiina V.
I see many posts about weight loss - very exciting but I had a different experience and am just as thrilled now (it took me awhile to share my results). I have been on products since May 2015 and didn't feel I had physical results as the scale didn't move much - I did experience amazing energy and feeling phenomenal - these products definitely made it easier for me able to get up earlier and get my workouts in every morning! The mental clarity was my biggest and most exciting experience with the SlimRoast. Once the Creamer came out the weight began to change (inch loss has been all along, I just wasn't measuring as often as stepping on the scale). Since Optimum has come out I can't express the difference and how the craving have subsided completely! I'm over 60" lost and about 17 pounds loss since starting our product line; 5 have been just since Optimum! - Teri E.

I was lucky to be a beta tester for the Optimum 
Here’s what happened! 
Day 1 ✨ 161.2 lbs
Day 28 ✨ 154.2 lbs
Went down in inches, therefore clothes are fitting much nicer. Increased focus and energy. 
During that 28 days I was away and off the Optimum for 4 days with no weight gain (even after a weekend of adult beverages, take out food and late nights) and the last 3 days on the product we were out camping! Still lost weight!

I know it’s only 7lbs, so compared to others it’s not a huge number. But in the grand scheme of things, 7 lbs in a month is AWESOME and I’m within my weight goal range. 150-155. Huge win!
I blasted through that plateau!
The hubby had 4 cups and on day 2 said “I can’t believe how I’m feeling! I feel thinner!”

Needless to say when the container was empty, we were both sad!

Get back to the person who shared this testimony with you and start today on your journey to better health! Your mind and body will thank you for it.  - Teresa F.

First week on the coffee down 6.5lbs and 7 inches. Word of caution only use if losing weight is your goal 😉 I’ll keep you posted as I proceed! - Sherry P.

Just pondering a different space. I had a banana 2 hrs ago. Usually would be looking forward to lunch by now. Not a hunger pang in sight. I have several errands so want to have my healthy lunch here at ... what a great quandary to be in. Thank you again Optimum 💕 - Audria N.

Results are in!!!! Consuming the Optimum Coffee for 1 week ☕️ ❤️😳
✔️ DOWN 10.2 lbs
✔️ 10 OVERALL INCHES LOST - 5” in the mid section. 
✔️ Enhanced focus
✔️ Increased Energy
✔️ 💯 feel good vibes
✔️ Cravings controlled
What’s in your cup ☕️? - Gaylene J.
I have to say I was super skeptical about using this. I tried the original Slimroast and honestly didn’t see anything. Fast forward a year later and more pounds packed on, I thought why the hell not. I need a jumpstart. Today’s day 4 and I’m down 5.2 lbs ☺️. I have not been working out and have not changed my diet. This stuff is magical!!! Pretty impressed - Keri M.
Day 2 second cup of optimum and I am amazed at the clarity and mental focus guys! wow awesome I also feel calmer !!!down 3lbs🤯 - Kari L. 
This new optimum coffee is great as of June 1, I have lost 6 lbs in the last 6 days. - J.E.S.
I’m excited! I have lost 5 pounds in 10 days! I have had fibromyalgia for 30+ years. I started using Valentus SlimRoast, Trim, Immune Boost, and Max Spray since September 2017. I lost 25 pounds in 5 months. After my third day using the max spray 3 times a day my new life began. My pain was greatly reduced. In February 2018 I was able to get off of Cymbalta, tenitis medicine and half of my blood pressure medicine. I feel so much better than I ever have. 
Each day since adding the SlimRoast Optimum, I have felt euphorically fabulous! And am now down 5 more pounds toward my goal! I don’t make any promises, but I am so excited to share my experience! - Paula C.


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